Binocular/Trinocular Microscope

Micro Zoom1240

LADYBIRD MZ1240 Binocular/Trinocular

Trinocular zoom tube 45° inclined, 360° rotatable, pupil spacing 52mm -75 mm adjustable.

Eyepieces (1 pair)
WF 10x/20, diopter adjustment

Standard total magnification of 10x - 45x

Standard working distance 97 mm

Documentation systems are available for Ladybird MZ1240. Different accessories for various forms of documentation are available. Choose from digital compact cameras, digital SLR cameras, LIVE CAM with USB connection or HD video cameras. Software for editing, analyzing and measuring images is also available.


Front x depth x height, 185 x 262 x 315 mm

pupillary distance 55mm -75mm;

Standard magnification range: 6x - 50x

Zoom Ratio 1:8.3 zoom range 0.6x - 5x

WF10x/23 eyepiece with diopter adjustment and eyepiece protector

Pole bracket with incident light 12V/3W and transmitted light 12V/6W, which can be used simultaneously.

Darkfield filter set for the MZ series