TULIP MCX200 Biological Microscope

Smart and environmentally friendly

TULIP MCX200 Green Series is suitable for all types of microscopic use, especially for users with long-term micro-operations.
TULIP MCX200 uses ergonomic design, high ocular point, low hand focusing mechanism, low hand stage and other ergonomic designs. The user can perform microscope operation in the most comfortable situation. The focusing knob, illumination control knob and stage handle are in close proximity.
The user can rest both hands on the platen while working, and can operate it with minimal movement.
TULIP MCX200 is compact. It has a special carrying handle and is light and stable.
The TULIP MCX200 backplate is designed with a bucket device to efficiently store
TULIP MCX200 is equipped with NIS Infinity Optical System, NIS infinity plan objectives can provide high contrast and very flat image up to FN 22. The wide field of view gives you a sharp image, excellent resolution and high signal-to-noise ratio, the light intensity is automatically adjusted to reduce eye fatigue and improve work efficiency.
TULIP Series In terms of objectives, image quality and ease of use are achieved.

- NIS Infinity Optical System.
- Wide field of view of 22 mm.
- Various Methods of Observation.
- Multifunctional Universal condenser; Brightfield, Darkfield, Phase contrast.
- EPI-Fluorescent LED lighting.
- Flat Objectives.
- 100x water immersion objective.
- 40x LWD objective.
- Coded nose bridge.
- Use a dimmer knob to achieve multiple functions.
- Visualization of the state of use of the microscope.
- Multifunctional digital head.
- Professional microscopic imaging software.
- Professional microscopic imaging
- External rechargeable battery.
- Easier to store, transport and accept.
- Ergonomic design.