Daffodil MCX100

LED Microscope
binocular/trinoculars with flat objectives for
laboratory applications

An advanced and versatile scientific microscope for a variety of uses, such as highly demanding laboratory tasks in the field of
gynecology, dermatology, histology and pathology. Bright system with infinite optics. With energy-saving LEDs, you can achieve crystal-clear and high-contrast results.


  • Routine laboratory work
    e.g.: light and dark field hematology, cytology, pathology, histology, genetics, in the veterinary field, for the analysis of: chromosomes, cells, bacteria, examination of insects and microorganisms.
  • Contrast
    phase contrast, e.g. for examination of gynecological, dermatological and urological smears, urinary sediment and urinary stone analysis, darkfield and phase contrast blood analysis,
    sperm analysis
  • Immersion: application in the dark field, e.g.: blood tests in the field
    dark, dermatology, urology (urine sediments)
  • Fluorescence applications,
    e.g. bacteriology, virology, histochemistry, pathology, immunology,
    genetics and gynecology
  • Polarization microscopy: for example:
    urology, pathology, forensic medicine, geology, quality control, medical research, crystallography, etc.

Key data:

  • Infinite plan optics
  • ARCTYPE ergonomic binocular tube
  • LED illumination system
  • Quintuple nose piece
  • Mechanical rack and pinion table
  • Koehler Lighting

Expansion possibilities:

  • Trill Tube
  • Fluorescent LED or HBO
  • Phase
  • Immersion dark field
  • Polarisation set