Microscopio LED binocular/trinocular
with optics for routine use

Equipped with premium features, this model sets a new standard in the field of clinical microscopes for routine applications. The "PURE" ICO² Plan lens ensures
clear, high-contrast images. The ergonomic and compact design allows fatigue-free work. With its low power consumption and high brightness due to LEDs, as well as the automatic light switch-off, the system is setting trends in the field of high-quality LED lighting.

PETUNIA MCX50 is used in clinical, veterinary and biological laboratories and is an excellent choice for schools and universities.


  • Routine laboratory and classroom work Light and dark field applications, e.g. cytology, hematology, anatomy, histology, in the veterinary field, for the
    observation of cells, bacteria,
  • observation of cells, bacteria,
    darkfield, e.g. for examination of gynecological, dermatological and urological smears, urinary sediment and urinary stone analysis, darkfield blood analysis,
    sperm analysis . Key data:
  • Infinity Optics plan 4/10/40/100
  • Advanced LED
  • ARCTYPE ergonomic binocular tube
  • Intelligent sensor illumination/energy saving mode
  • Multisystem condenser
  • Mechanical cross table with two platens