LAVENDER MCX100LCD Professional

LCD digital microscope with display and 5M live camera

Lavender MCX100 LCD is a high-tech product, successfully enhanced by the perfect
combining advanced optical microscope technology and digital scanning kit.
Traditionally, samples can be viewed through the eyepieces of the microscope. But
take advantage of an improved and sophisticated observation method. With the
The high-tech LCD display function makes the observation of specimens comfortable and
comfortable for you and also to share with others.

All in one
Observing and presenting, sharing images with multiple users, video image capture, image analysis.
■ Digital detection kit with 5 M Pixel resolution camera.
■ Routine laboratory and clinical use.
E.g. cytology, bright and dark field hematology, anatomy, pathology, histology, genetics, veterinary, chromosomal analysis, cell analysis.
analysis, bacterial analysis, observation of insects and monads.
■ Phase contrast
For example, gynecological, dermatological and urological smears, urine sediment, urinary stone analysis, dark-field blood tests, and dark-phase blood tests.
phase contrast, sperm analysis
■ Sliding darkfield applications.
For example, dermatology, urology (urine sediments).
■ Polarization applications.
E.g. urology, pathology, forensic medicine, geology, quality control, quality assurance, medical research, crystallography, etc.
■ Digital LCD display system ■ Five-fold nose bridge ■ Koehler illumination ■ Koehler lighting
■ Includes a 5 MP CMOS camera ■ LED illumination system.
■ Non-scratch glass stage ■ Infinitely corrected optics ■ Infinitely corrected optics